Castrol GTX is one of the world’s most trusted motor oils. It provides superior protection against oil burn-off, 60% better than the tough industry test* It is one of the world’s leading oils for high mileage cars.

It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering that protects your higher mileage engine from oil burn-off and extends the life of your engine. As your engine ages, oil burns off faster. Over time, this can cause increased engine wear, shortening the life of your engine. Castrol GTX 20W-50 is a unique formulation specifically engineered to meet the changing needs of your high mileage vehicle. Its technology is proven to provide 60% superior oil burn-off protection versus the tough industry standard.

* vs API SL Industry Standards



Castrol GTX 20W-50 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an API SL/CF or earlier specification 20W-50 lubricant.


Castrol GTX 20W-50 is engineered to extend the life of your engine with:
– 60% Superior oil burn-off protection *
– Additives to minimise compression loss and provide engine protection.
– Formulation that protects seals for longer, helping reduce leakage.
– Protect against wear and harmful deposits.
– Help your vehicle live longer with Castrol GTX 20W-50
* vs API SL Industry Standards

Performans /Meet Requirements: API SL

Package: 1L-4L-5L