CASTROL Magnatec Diesel 10W-40 B4

Non-stop protection from every start.


Traffic congestion has increased dramatically; today even a normal driver can stop and start up to 18,000 times1 a year.
That’s annoying, but worse, it slowly damages your engine – permanently.
Castrol MAGNATEC Diesel contains dedicated diesel technology and breakthrough DUALOCK molecules that cling to critical engine parts and lock together to:
-Form a powerful force field of protection
-Dramatically reduce both warm-up2 and stop-start3 wear by 50%
-Deliver unique patented protection designed specifically for modern driving
-Help maintain engine efficiency and responsiveness in common rail diesel engines
-Deliver excellent soot handling performance
-Non-stop protection from every start.

1 Global average from 50 cities, Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START Index 2014
2 Tested versus the Sequence IVA API SN wear limit.
3 Tested versus the CEC OM646LA ACEA wear limits.


Castrol MAGNATEC Diesel 10W-40 B4 is suitable for use in automotive diesel and gasoline engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A3/B4, API SP 10W-40 lubricant.
Castrol MAGNATEC Diesel 10W-40 B4 is approved for use in vehicles from leading manufacturers please refer to the specifications section and your owners handbook.

Performans /Meet Requirements: ACEA A3/B4, API SP, VW 501 01 / 505 00, Meets Fiat 9.55535-D2

Package: 1L-4L-5L-6L