Daf Oil XF 7000 HD 40 CF-4


XF 7000 HD 40 monograde engine oil is formulated from high quality highly refined base stocks blended with a specially selected multifunctional additive package.


• Very good detergent/dispersant properties for maximum engine cleanness .
• Excellent oxidation stability to minimize viscosity changes during service.
• Confident and dependable protection against wear, corrosion and deposit formation.
• Constant and stable lubricating film over a wide temperature range and under heavy loads .


This oil is intended for application in the heavy-loaded diesel engines in commercial vehicles and buses, today’s farm machines and equipment including tractors, combines, etc. demanding API CF-4 performance level lubricants.

XF 7000 HD 40 monograde engine oil is also fit for older generation diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks.

Performans /Meet Requirements: API CF-4/SF

Package: 4L-5L-20L-30L-200L