Superfix Lubricants GT 10W-40 is a recommended engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines. Compatible with every vehicle, it provides long lasting protection under challenging conditions.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Active cleaning feature controls forming of sediment and sludge, thus, keeps the parts of engine clean.
  • Its high viscosity index, shows high performance in variable weather conditions.
  • Its superior thermal and oxidation stability, maintains its performance during the long oil change interval that is recommended by the engine manufacturers.
  •  Its excellent fluidity during cold weather conditions, protects the engine against wear by providing quick lubrication of engine parts during the first start.
  • Special additives in its content, corrosion in the engine and prevents wear.
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability.


Specially developed for Korean and Japanese vehicles. Safety used in gasoline engine also diesel engine which running under sever conditions and all bad climatic conditions.


Advised to use on: TOYOTA-LEXUS-NISSAN

Package: 1L-4L-5L