Lithol-24 is made on the basis of a mixture of mineral oils thickened with anhydrous calcium oxy-acid soap.


Lithol-24 Applications in rolling and sliding bearings of all types, gears and other gears, friction units of vehicles, industrial equipment, marine mechanisms and electric machines operating at low speeds. It is operable at temperatures from minus 20 °C to plus 100 °C, with short-term overheating up to plus 120 °C. It is also possible to use these mechanisms for conservation.


• Provides excellent protection of lubricated parts from corrosion at high humidity
• Resist the formation of deposits caused by oxidation at high operating temperatures
• Provides reliable protection of equipment in conditions of medium and high loads

Performans /Meet Requirements: Lithol-24

Package: 100 ml-250 ml-450 gr-14 kg