The Shell Omala S2 GX series of products comprise a range of top-quality industrial gear oils offering a high-performance level – even when used in extremely demanding, high load conditions. The lubricants are specially designed for use with industrial gear systems, and they successfully combine a high load capacity with additives that reduce friction. This results in an improved performance from industrial gear systems.

A range of benefits separate these oils from other mineral-based formulas that are available. These include:

Prolonged oil life

Shell Omala S2 GX 68, formerly known as Shell Omala 68, is formulated as a long-life lubricant. It is highly resistant to both thermal and chemical breakdown as well as the formation of sludge build-up. Users can therefore reduce maintenance and repair time and costs.

Protective properties

As well as protection against breakdown and deposits, this series also ensures a superb level of protection against corrosive damage. This is achieved by reducing the load capacity on machine parts such as gear teeth and the wear and tear of components like bearings and gears.

Efficient water separation

A key benefit of this particular product is effective water separation, which results in excess water being drained away from the lubrication system. Consequently, equipment has a prolonged life and the ideal correct level of lubrication at all times and in all areas. This in turn reduces water corrosion and gear system fatigue.

Performans /Meet Requirements: ISO 12925-1 Type CKD (ISO 68), ISO 12925-1 Type CKC (ISO 68), DIN 51517- Part 3 CLP (ISO 68), AGMA EP 9005- F16 (ISO 68),, AIST (US Steel) 224 (ISO 68), Fives Cincinnati: P-63 (ISO 68)