Superfix Lubricants TRANS-PRO EP 140 series provides you industrial gear oil portfolio to meet challenges of different variety of gears, their practices and enables you to select a product suits to your technical and operational needs. Also, with maximum protection and minimum wear, it helps you to improve the performance.


High quality paraffinic base oils and EP (extreme pressure) additives produced by a combination of heavy-duty multi-grade gear oil.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Prevents metal to metal contact,
  • Very good thermal resistance,
  • Minimum viscosity change, optimum film capability,
  • Bronze alloys corrosion protection,
  • Long service life,
  • Economy in the cost of lubrication,
  • Additive which prevents wear and extreme pressure (EP) additive, includes a gear system maintains very good fittings.


Cars, trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and machines as well as many tool in the gearbox and differential, spiral bevel, hypoid gear system used in the four seasons.


Package: 1L-4L-18L-20L-200L