Uazneft Diesel SAE 40 CF-4


Monograde highest quality engine oil. It is formulated from high quality paraffinic base oil and additive systems to enhance the performance of engines operating under moderate conditions. Good level of detergency and dispersancy, high viscocity index with high neutralising capacity provides perfect protection even with high content suffer in the fuel.


• Good temperature-viscosity dependence guarantees trouble-free start of engine, high oil feed rates in winter conditions and efficient lubrication in operating temperature range.
• High thermal and oxidation stability.
• Advanced anti-wear protection, minimum sludge and deposits formation.
• Good protection against corrosion, deposits and wear when recommended change interval is followed.
• Enhanced acid control system: High acid neutralizing capacity provides superior corrosion protection throughout the oil drain period in areas where sulfur fuel is high
•Improved detergent additives: Piston deposits control to reduce maintenance costs
•Thermal and oxidation stability: Prolonged drain intervals


SAE 40 is recommended for use in diesel or mixed fleet (diesel and gasoline) engine operations in on-highway service. This series is intended for the lubrication of heavy-duty diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbo-charged, working under variable conditions and over wide temperature ranges whose manufacturers recommend API CF-4 performance level oils in various types of service including engines used in heavy-duty trucks, construction, mining and farming equipment.

Performans /Meet Requirements: API CF-4/SF; MIL-L-2104D and 2104E, Allison C3, Caterpillar TO-2, API CF-4/SF

Package: 1L-4L-5L- 20L-30L-200L