Uazneft Gear 80W-90 GL-4


80W-90 GL-4 is  a multigrade automotive gear oil is formulated with a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and ashless, and sulfur phosphorus type additive package.


• Good thermal stability protects against deposit formation and oil thickening.
• Provides good protection against corrosion.
• Provides protection against wear, due to good EP characteristics.
• Gives long service life even under high temperature operation.
• Excellent thermal durability and extreme-pressure properties for extended gear life.


80W-90 GL-4 is developed to lubricate all types of hypoid gear drives in automotive vehicles and industrial applications, operating at high loads and sliding velocities. Product can also be used in manual transmissions of all commercial vehicles and off-highway construction equipment and machines where an API GL-4 performance level lubricants are specified

Package: 18L-200L